Have You Ever Dreamed About Making Your Fortune In Real Estate?

Do You Think You Can Play The Stock Market With The Best From Wall Street?

Which Type Of Horses Do You Bet On At The Race Track - The Long Shots Or The Favorites?

When You Play Black Jack At The Casino - Do You Know When To "Hit" and When To "Hold"?

We have exciting news....If Your Answer To Any or All of These Questions Is Yes, Then Fortune Seeker is The Board Game You Have Been Looking For!! This site is designed to help you understand the most fascinating board game to be developed in the last 50 years. Excitement, Speed, and the Thrill of becoming a Multi-Millionaire are all in this game.

As you read this site you will see that this is the board game for you. It will keep you up late at night wondering what strategies to employ the next time you go head to head with another "want to be" Fortune Seeker.

A Message from the Creator
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Updated 2-10-10

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This board game had 3 design goals when it was published in 1996:

  • 1. To never play the same way twice
  • 2. To have non stop action that keeps players interested in every move
  • 3. To always have a chance at winning the game

Fortune Seeker

By inter-twining investing and betting and being able to use a low, medium, or high risk strategy at any time, I was able to accomplish my 3 design goals. The Fortune Seeker player can play "blackjack" at the Casino, bet on horses at the Race Track, buy stock in the Stock Market, and buy property in Real Estate. You must accumulate a $10,000,000+ fortune to win the game. This generally takes between 1 to 3 hours.

The game was developed over a period of 8 years and published in November 1996. It was tested by age groups from 15 to 56 who had a variety of backgrounds and education. During all testing, it was exciting to see each group's enthusiasm and support for the project. All kept encouraging me to proceed because they had fun and were entertained by all the dynamics of this large 38" by 24" board. We have now sold several thousand copies and the feedback continues to be consistent from all age groups - this game is fun and entertaining! Please read the testimonials!

Besides the games unpredictability, what I like most about the game is the nonstop interaction between the players. The comments that come from peoples mouths are as unique as the game itself. I am quite confident that you will enjoy this game. There were no compromises. From the game pieces to the artwork, all is the highest quality possible. Your family and friends will enjoy this game for years to come. You are a Fortune Seeker! Fulfill your destiny!

Thank you for exploring this site.

John W. Gutschow
The Creator